Papers approved on the 9th CBGDP may be presented through oral presentation, as well as poster presentation.

Thematic Sessions

The thematic sessions are spaces dedicated to the oral presentation and poster academic research documents selected by the Scientific Committee of the Congress. They are organized by the specific themes of the works and will include opportunities for discussion after each presentation. In the 9th edition of CBGDP are considered:

A - Product Development Management (PDM)

• Product Development Methodologies

• Modelling of the product development process

• Measurement performance in managing product development

• Improvements of the product development process

• Methods, techniques and tools for Product development management

B - PDM and Organizational Creativity

• Management of organizational creativity

• Creativity in teamwork

• Development of creative potential and human behaviour

• Creativity and the process of generating ideas

• Tools and Techniques of creativity for development of innovative product

• Good practices in PDM and organizational creativity (business cases)

C - PDM and Innovation

• Product Development and start-up companies

• Mapping Technology

• Management of technological innovation

• Intellectual property

• Practice open innovation

• Integration of customers (users) and / or suppliers in PDM

• Knowledge management applied to PDM

D - PDM and Sustainability

• Ecodesign - Design for sustainability

• Product Service System (PSS)

• Design for modularization

• Design for life cycle (manufacture, assembly, disassembly, test, use reuse, recycling, remanufacturing etc..)

E - Methods and techniques for PDM and Creativity

• Methods of managing product portfolio

• Diagnostic techniques

• Methods for modelling and simulation

• Information systems and technologies (social networks, blogs, wikis, etc..)

• DFSS (Design for six-sigma)

• Lean Tools

• Project management tools for PDM

• Ergonomics and PDM

• Technical risk analysis in PDM projects

• Other techniques and tools to support creativity and PDM