Article Submission

Files must be sent in .pdf format

• It will be accepted articles submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

• The article should not exceed 1 Mega, with a maximum of 10 pages according to the formatting rules and model, under the penalty of being overlooked (not rated). Before submitting the paper, please read the formatting model.

• Before submitting the paper, check which Thematic Session is more suitable to your article. In this edition we have 5 Thematic Sessions.

Articles evaluation

Evaluation will be conducted in two stages:

FIRST STEP – A team of evaluators will issue its opinion with three alternatives: 1) Approved, 2) Approved with modifications and 3) Disapproved.


SECOND STEP – The articles that were approved with modifications shall be adjusted by the authors. After verifying the suggested changes, the scientific committee will deliver its final opinion: 1) Approved for oral presentation; 2) Approved for poster presentation, and 3) Disapproved.



• The article body MUST NOT CONTAIN title, the author(s) name(s), abstract and keywords. These data are required to be registered on the site for sending the articles. Articles containing these data will NOT be accepted.

• All authors must be registered on the site, because the Name, Email and institution are removed from the site REGISTER. Please, keep your REGISTRATION UPDATED because these data will be used in the article at the time of generation of the ANNALS. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated data after the generation of the ANNALS.

• Each paper can have a maximum of five authors.

• Each author may submit no more than seven (7) items for the event (regardless of whether authored or co-authored). For publication it will be accepted only four (4) of these articles being automatically published four (4) highest scoring items.

• Attention: The sent version will be final, not being allowed to replace the article!

• See FORMATTING MODEL, with all the rules and instructions for publication in the proceedings of the 9th CBGDP.