Invited Speakers

Steve Evans

Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability at the University of Cambridge.

With over 20 years of experience, Steve has collaborated with leading industries, such as Airbus UK, Electrolux, Jaguar-Land Rover, and academic institutions around the world.

His research seeks to deepen the understanding of how the industry develops solutions to follow toward a more sustainable future.

His most recent works include: sustainable factories, sustainable design and operations for car manufacturers, alimentary system for people with restricted feeding, regeneration project for a more sustainable city, and others.

Guy Belletete

With a career spanning over 25 years, Guy Belletete is co-founder and vice president of the Institute of Product Development - IDP.

Since its creation by the University of Sherbrooke and some industries, such as Bombardier, EXFO, Prévost Car, Venmar and others, the IDP had a great influence on the improvement of product design and development practices by manufacturers of Quebec.

Mr.Belletete has long technology experience associated with product development. His activities have been following the evolution of the product design and its development technologies.