The Conference will have mediation and participation of guests from academia, government representatives and the business community in the proposed themes. It is expected, therefore, to give visibility to creative and innovative companies and fostering the dissemination of best practices in business. The planned conferences are as follows:

Conference 1 - "Creativity in product development management: from theory to practice"

Conference 2 - "Product development management for sustainability"

Conference 3 - "Relations between creativity and development of new products: Brazilian cases"

Conference 4 - "Relations between creativity and development of new products: Brazilian cases"


Panel sessions will consider the matter referred to the potential development creative in training of engineers, designers and other professionals with focus on teaching and practice of product engineering.

Short Courses

The Short Courses will be held during the mornings, in alternate time the Thematic Sessions.

Technical Visits

Technical visits are scheduled in companies around the region of Rio Grande do Norte which are related to practices of management innovation and product development management. Technical visits that are planned as follows:

• Center rocket launch "Centro de Lançamento de Barreira do Inferno"

• Development of fashion products - "Guararapes"