Congress registration

Read the instructions for your application:

• Complete the registration with your details (email, social security number, name etc.)

• Choose the category which better fits you: Academic (Teacher / Researcher), Postgraduate student; professional in the area, Graduate student. At the moment of accreditation to the conference, it will be presented a voucher that mentions your inscription category.

• Payment can be made by debit card, credit, transfer, bank, etc. For this we have the service of UOL PagueSeguro, whose transaction is carried out on the site.

• For payment by "Note of Commitment" follow the procedure: Made after the registration, the participant should contact the Institution / University to request payment.


Instructions - Note of commitment

IMPORTANT: Before submitting their applications, authors must first REGISTER in CBGDP website. Please, it is advised that this process is not done automatically, therefore, approval of the article is not connected to the execution of the application. Thus, this procedure is the responsibility of the participant. The secretariat will only receive documents that entries are active on the website. Entries made through "Note of Commitment", will only be confirmed after sending a copy of the document provided by the Institution/University to the email address:


• It will NOT be accepted documents emitted by the University outside the registration period of the Event;
• • The deposit must necessarily be identified with the name of the participant or "Number Commitment". This identification is essential for the confirmation of your registration.

Please, it is advised that the information should be obtained at the secretariat, by phone: (84) 3215-3711 - Ext 30, or by email:


Participant Registration fee
Payment WITH discount: 04/24/2013 - 07/17/2013 Payment WITH discount: 07/18/2013 - 07/22/2013 Payment  WITHOUT discount: from 07/23/2013
Academic (Professor/Researcher) R$ 360,00 R$ 380,00 R$ 420,00
Postgraduate student R$ 360,00 R$ 380,00 R$ 420,00
Professional of the area R$ 360,00 R$ 380,00 R$ 420,00
Graduate student R$ 180,00 R$ 200,00 R$ 220,00